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The Eciton Scaffolding System

Inspired by the army ants’ nomadic lifestyle, and their capacity to build far-reaching structures by arranging their bodies, the patented scaffolding system, was named Eciton.


Safe access for industrial purposes has become an essential part of any construction business. Scaffolding is the perfect choice when you need to gain access along a vertical surface. Industrial climbing is providing safe access to complex structures.
IPI Access is the ultimate solution when you need to move horizontally into thin air. Start from a solid structure, or build your starting point with traditional scaffolding. From there IPI Access will take you fast, safe and simple to wherever you want.

Over the last nine years, IPI Access has developed a self-sustained cantilever structure that is foldable for easy storage, transportation and quick assembly, saving time and reducing downtime on site. The solution provides access to challenging locations more efficiently and safely than traditional scaffolding, as well as giving rope access additional flexibility.



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